BlinkStick Processing Library


A library by Arvydas Juskevicius for the Processing programming environment.
Last update, 12/10/2014.

Interface BlinkStick - smart USB RGB LED. This library provides an ablity to control any number of BlinkStick devices from Processing.

BlinkStick is a DIY RGB USB device that plugs into your computer and allows control over the color. It's small, the size of a USB flash stick and designed to be easy to assemble. You can find more details about it at


Download BlinkStick version 0.2.0 (2) in .zip format.


Unzip and put the extracted BlinkStick folder into the libraries folder of your Processing sketches. Reference and examples are included in the BlinkStick folder.

Install with the "Add Library..." tool

New for Processing 2.0: Add contributed libraries by selecting "Add Library..." from the "Import Library..." submenu within the Sketch menu. Not all available libraries have been converted to show up in this menu. If a library isn't there, it will need to be installed manually by following the instructions below.

Manual Install

Contributed libraries may be downloaded separately and manually placed within the "libraries" folder of your Processing sketchbook. To find (and change) the Processing sketchbook location on your computer, open the Preferences window from the Processing application (PDE) and look for the "Sketchbook location" item at the top.

Copy the contributed library's folder into the "libraries" folder at this location. You will need to create the "libraries" folder if this is your first contributed library.

By default the following locations are used for your sketchbook folder:

  • For Mac users, the sketchbook folder is located inside ~/Documents/Processing.
  • For Windows users, the sketchbook folder is located inside 'My Documents'/Processing.
  • For Linux users, the sketchbook folder is located inside ~/sketchbook.

The folder structure for library BlinkStick should be as follows:


After library BlinkStick has been successfully installed, restart the Processing application.

If you're having trouble, have a look at the Processing Wiki for more information:

Keywords. blinkstick,hardware,control

Reference. Have a look at the javadoc reference here. A copy of the reference is included in the .zip as well.

Source. The source code of BlinkStick is available at GitHub, and its repository can be browsed here.


Find a list of examples in the current distribution of BlinkStick, or have a look at them by following the links below.


Platform osx,windows,linux
Processing 2.0
Dependencies none


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  • BlinkStick Forums
  • Found any bugs or need features? Please post them on the issue tracker


Arvydas Juskevicius -


  • Hidapi by Signal11 for an amazing cross platform C/C++ HID library.
  • JavaHidapi by Codeminders for wrapping it up in Java.

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